About Us

Focus 20, LLC was formed in the fall of 2001 as a business consulting, business management, and business development firm. The mission of the firm is to provide services that go beyond the typical scope of "strategic" consulting organizations by assisting clients to execute on their business strategies and achieve their business objectives.

Our underlining philosophy is to apply the commonly known 80/20 principal to consultative work. Focus 20 assists companies to identify and "FOCUS" on the "20%" of effort and activities that will truly yield 80% of the value back to the company. This concept is encompassed in the name of our firm, Focus 20.

Pareto 80/20 Principal

Our consultative business approach builds on the work of Italian economist and political sociologist, Vilfredo Pareto (1848-1923).

His "Pareto optimum" principle illustrates that in order for a business transaction to realize its optimum potential, every party involved in the transaction must either improve or maintain its position. Today this is commonly referred to as a “win-win” situation.

"Pareto’s Law" commonly known as the "80/20 rule", states that in many business activities 80% of the potential value can be achieved from just 20% of the effort. The remaining 80% of effort results in relatively little return.

Focus 20 establishes a “win-win” consultative relationship with our clients while assisting them to identify, focus, and execute on the 20% of effort and change needed to drive 80% of the return for their companies.

Contact Focus 20 now to establish a truly “win-win” consultative relationship!

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